Ice In Gutters

Ice In Gutters

How Do I Prevent Ice from Building Up in My Gutters?

Icy gutters don’t have to be part of the winter season at your home. It all starts with preparation before the cold weather rolls in, eliminating the need for extensive gutter repair in the spring. Follow these simple steps from Mr. Handyman.

  • A good fall cleanout is key - Ice builds up in gutters because debris restricts winter water flow. A good, thorough clean will ensure water going into the gutter system outside your home doesn’t get bogged down by leaves, dirt, and other natural material. If you don’t know how you’re going to fit gutter cleaning into your schedule, the professionals at Mr. Handyman can help.

  • Watch the roof - Once winter hits your hometown, make sure to clear excess snow from the roof whenever possible. The less buildup, the less water will run into your gutter system and freeze. Try using a roof rake if you haven’t already to clean off the snow, but be careful not to damage the roof and shingles.

  • Already have ice? Don’t panic - If water has frozen and is set firmly in your gutter system, try to give it a spray with warm water. A hose with a hot water function should do the trick, but be sure not to add more water on a frigid day, since this can make more ice. You can also get it out by hand with a chisel, screwdriver, or other tool.

Already have needs for gutter repair at your house? Mr. Handyman can help there too. Contact us at 1-877-MRHANDYMAN.

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