Welcome to Mr. Handyman's Interactive House!

Mr. Handyman's Interactive House is a tool to help keep your entire home well-maintained throughout the year. We've highlighted all the major areas of the home:  Bedroom, Bathroom, Den, Living Room, Kitchen, and the outside of your home for both winter and summer.

The Virtual House can also help when you have major changes in your life. Is there a baby on the way? We can help show you how to baby proof your home. Did you just adopt a new dog? Learn how to protect your home from Fido.

So, how does the Interactive House work? Simply click on an area of the home you would like to learn more about and read the highlighted sections of that area listed on the right side of the page.

Once you've made your "To Do" list for your home, contact your local Mr. Handyman to help you check off some of those items. With our help, your home's "To Do" list will get done on-time, the first time - that's our guarantee.

Have fun exploring Mr. Handyman's Interactive House!