Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Gutter cleaning often takes a backseat to more pressing, more visible home repairs like patching drywall, installing countertops, or mowing the grass. However, keeping rain gutters clean and in good repair prevents much more expensive, major home repairs from making your list down the road.

Expert gutter cleaning by Mr. Handyman removes the leaves, nuts and twigs that prevent water from flowing freely from your home's foundation. A regularly scheduled gutter cleaning protects your home's value by preventing drywall damage, roof and basement leaks and water damage to soffits and fascia.

Long-standing clogs can also cause permanent damage to the gutters themselves. When that happens, gutter re-installation can restore drainage.

Mr. Handyman does not install gutters, but we repair, clean and take care of any water damage with just one call.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Down to its very foundation, maintaining your gutters is incredibly important to the health of your home.

Your local Mr. Handyman is happy to tackle this home maintenance chore for you. But, if you are a true do-it-yourselfer, we offer these easy gutter cleaning tips for safely cleaning out your home’s gutter systems:

• Have the right equipment. Ensure that you have a good ladder tall enough to safely get you to the roof, a good putty knife or blade to remove the gutter debris, and a good set of work gloves. You will want to test the flow of your gutters with the garden hose once all gutters are cleared of leave and organic matter.

• Know the problem areas. Each home’s gutter system has unique problem areas prone to clogging (in which debris always accumulates). Knowing where these areas are, allows you to plot a cleaning path around the perimeter of your roof.

• Do not use your gutters for support. At no time should you ever use your home’s gutter system for supporting your own weight. Never hang anything off of your gutter system or rely on it for any form of propping. This system is well tailored to handle the rigors of rain and melting snow, but it is nowhere near strong enough to support any real weight.

Install gutter guards. Ask you local Mr. Handyman about gutter guard installation before your next clean. Installing gutter guards keeps debris from clogging up your gutters and downspouts. Gutter guards will save you money in the long-term by minimizing spring and fall cleanup while preventing costly gutter damage caused by clogged gutters and ice buildup.

Contact Mr. Handyman with any questions or for information about our gutter services, including gutter cleaning and more!


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