Handyman Plumbing Services

Mr. Handyman services vary by location.

Electrical and plumbing services are subject to state and local licensing requirements and therefore may not be available at all locations. Call your local Mr. Handyman today to learn about the handyman services in your area.

Mr. Handyman is pleased to offer handyman plumbing services for your home. Guaranteed to be done right and on time, Mr. Handyman handles major and minor home repairs with professionalism and dedication. Common handyman plumbing services include:

• Replace Fixtures: Changing outdated fixtures for newer hardware is one easy way to add design appeal back to your bathroom or kitchen. Mr. Handyman can install or replace fixtures, including faucets, showerheads, bar fixtures, and more.

• Pipe Insulation: A great way to save on energy costs includes insulating your pipes and water heater. You'll save money and reduce the amount of time waiting for hot water.

• Repair or Replace Toilets: Whether you have Mr. Handyman install low flow toilets or have your existing toilets repaired, you know the job will be done right and on time when you call your local Mr. Handyman.

• Fix Plumbing Leaks: No matter if you need a pipe replaced or tightened, let Mr. Handyman solve your plumbing leak problem. A dripping faucet alone can waste 212 gallons of water per month.

• Faucet Repair Services: Avoid replacing your faucet and have it fixed instead. Mr. Handyman offers faucet repair services that put your faucet back in working order.

• Shower Door Installation: Putting in a new sliding or glass shower door can transform your bathroom. Consider Mr. Handyman your professional shower door installer.

• Tile Installation: Choosing the right material is critical to any home remodeling project. Mr. Handyman is a tile installer that can help you identify the right tile for your space.

 Mr. Handyman takes care of what needs to be done, so that each item on your "to do" list is checked.  After he addresses your plumbing issues, then he can move on to other home repairs, like tile repair, installing countertops, patching drywall, and more. 


Our recent Projects

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    Door Installation

    Main entryways add curb appeal as well as protection for homeowners. Our handyman services range from installing an exterior door to painting it.