You exceeded my expectations. The technician was able to make the weather strip fit even though I bought the wrong size. Thanks for your help.
- Maerice S.

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Repair Tips & Home Improvement Ideas

Repair Tips & Home Improvement Ideas

When it comes to helping homeowners with household tasks and home improvement chores, we like to offer practical advice and useful tips to help homeowners either tackle the jobs themselves or know when to use professional handyman help.

Follow us on Twitter and read our blog for repair tips and home improvement ideas that will give insight into how your home works and how maintenance and upkeep is done by the pros. It will inspire and empower you, expand your knowledge and also help you decide when you have the proper tools and experience to get it done yourself.

Below are some service areas we commonly help homeowners with, and each has a link to specific insights, from “going green” and reducing those utility bills to seasonal upkeep that keeps your home a step ahead of the regular changes Mother Nature has in store.

And there’s even a “how to” checklist to help those hiring handyman services find the right contractor.

Minor & Major Home Repair Service Ideas

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    Go Green

    Increase your home's energy efficiency with big and small home repairs. Installing storm doors, for example.. Explore green home repair and maintenance options today!


  • Holiday Lights

    Holiday Lighting

    The holiday season can be incredibly busy. You can cross one more thing off your "To Do" list with holiday lighting and decorating services from Mr. Handyman. Mr. Handyman can provide you with decorating ideas, and turn your vision into a reality.


  • Garage Organization

    Home Organization

    Get your home organized, room by room, with these organizing tips from Mr. Handyman..


  • Kitchen Installations


    From wall to wall and basement to rooftop, we’ve spent years taking care of homeowners’ every need. Check out our tips for improving your home’s interior, from small-scale projects to larger undertakings..


  • Deck


    Mr. Handyman's professional contractors are experienced in taking care of outdoor home maintenance. Read some of our outdoor and seasonal maintenance tips.


  • Powerwashing

    Powerwashing Services

    Power washing is a great way to clean off decks, siding, driveways, and other large areas on your property.


  • Rental inspection checklist

    Rental Inspection Checklist

    Learn how to move out of your rental, the right way. That rental deposit belongs to you!


  • Installing Ceramic Tile

    Improvement Ideas

    Make home repairs and improvements to increase the value of your home. From tile repair to crown molding installation, Mr. Handyman can help.


  • Deck Repair and Maintenance

    Seasonal Upkeep

    Gutter cleaning, painting touchups, deck maintenance… these are all seasonal tasks that help keep your home looking great year round. Understand what seasonal maintenance is required to keep your home's value in intact and how Mr. Handyman can help.


  • gutter installation

    Checklist For Choosing A Handyman

    Professional handyman services help whittle away tasks from that ever-growing "To Do" list. You want more than just a handyman for hire. Learn what to look for in handyman services and what benefits are associated with hiring a home repair contractor.