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A properly utilized basement can add a significant amount of square footage and value to your home. But often, the challenge is opening up that basement space for something besides storage. With the help of a professional handyman from Mr. Handyman, you can get started on reclaiming that space and turning your basement into another fully functional space.

Starting a new project, especially one that can be as large as cleaning out the basement, is a daunting task for many homeowners. Thankfully, Mr. Handyman is here to help. With one call, a professional home repair contractor will be over to assess the situation and get started on your basement organization project.

Mr. Handyman can build shelves and custom storage systems that help move possessions out of the way and free up floor space. He can also perform minor home repairs, like fixing drywall or re-touching the paint on a wall, to help make the new space really shine.

Whether you are looking to organize the basement or to add another bedroom, living room, or rec room, Mr. Handyman has the tools and the skills for the job. We'll help you reclaim that basement with our home organization services, and fix any other minor home repairs  on the way as well.

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Basement Improvements