Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips

OutdoorOutdoor home maintenance should always begin with a needs assessment. Survey your property, identify and prioritize the maintenance issues. 

These will be tasks that when completed will improve the looks, functionality and energy efficiency of your home.

They might also help you avoid more expensive repairs down the road.


Places to survey:

The garage. Assess organization, safety and storage -- is your outdoor power equipment and toxic materials properly stored? Is it time to make your garage flooring less slippery when it gets wet? Is they paint peeling on the exterior side access doors or windows? Any mold issues? 

The yard. How is the state of your irrigation system. Your deck? Your mailbox? Your landscaping? Do you have standing water that needs to be addressed to reduce mosquitoes? Wasp nests under construction? How's the shape of your storage shed, fences, children's play equipment?

The deck. Are there tell-tale signs that it needs some upkeep? Like a power washing or coat of sealant?

Your home's exterior. How are your gutters? The state of your outdoor lighting, your driveway and basketball hoop?

Lastly, is there anything your exterior is missing? A patio? A shed?

For outdoor maintenance tips that detail the nuts and bolts of do-it-yourself jobs you can complete in your garage, yard, and with your deck check out the Mr.Handyman blog and follow us on Twitter!

Outdoor Home Maintenance Services

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