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Seasonal Upkeep

Seasonal Home Repair

Cleaning the gutters, trimming the landscape, weatherproofing - these are just some of the minor and major home repair tasks that find their way on to a "to do" list every season. You don't always look forward to tackling those tasks, but they are necessary to ensure your home's value and efficiency.  This season, give Mr. Handyman your "to do" list, and he'll take it from there.

You have better things to do than worry about seasonal upkeep.  With the help of Mr. Handyman, you can avoid some major home repairs down the line by utilizing his home repair services, which includes:

Spring Upkeep

The leaves are coming back, the snow is melting and rain showers are arriving to help nourish the landscape.  It's a great time to have Mr. Handyman perform gutter cleaning  and repair. Keeping gutters clear helps prevent roof damage, and both spring and fall are excellent times to inspect and clean them. View the home repair checklist for spring.

Summer Maintenance

Before spending the dog days of summer firing up burgers on your grill, make sure the deck is in good condition and ready for the party. Mr. Handyman specializes in deck maintenance, and repair.  Read about our summer maintenance services.

Fall Repairs

Go out and enjoy the brisk winds of autumn and the brilliant colors of the trees, but don't forget to call Mr. Handyman to get started on the attic  insulation before a chilly fall turns into freezing winter. Check out the fall repairs that should hit your "to do" list.

Winter Maintenance 

Once the cold and snow sets in, have Mr. Handyman focus on home improvements inside the home, like painting , caulking, and other minor home repairs.  See our home repair checklist for winter.

For seasonal handyman services, one call does it all. Find your local Mr. Handyman today.

Deck Repair and Maintenance