Remove Painted Wallpaper

Remove Painted Wallpaper

My Old Home Has Wallpaper that has Been Painted Over. What Should I Do?

Many times in old houses, previous owners have painted over wallpaper because they themselves had a difficult time removing it. It is safe to say some elbow grease is most likely needed to remove wallpaper that has been painted over. Once you start the process, you may realize that there are several layers of paint, which may require new drywall installation.

Your local Mr. Handyman is a professional, insured and reliable drywall contractor for drywall repair services you can trust. Call 1-877-MRHANDYMAN and we’ll get the job done right the first time. Read below for more painted wallpaper removal tips.

Tips for Removing Wallpaper that Has Been Painted

If there are only a few layers of paint on your wallpaper, it may be possible to properly remove it without having to install new drywall.

To remove the painted wall paper you can:

  • Start by scoring the outer layer of paint with a stiff wire brush or wallpaper scoring tool. Prevent damaging your walls by only using medium pressure.

  • Use a wallpaper stripper or a mixture of water, vinegar, and fabric softener in a spray bottle. To prevent wall damage only spray small workable sections at a time. Let the mixture soak into the wallpaper for a few minutes.

  • Next, you will need a 3-in-1 scraper tool. Use the sharpest corner to get underneath the painted wallpaper and start scraping away. We recommend scraping in alternating directions.

It’s important to remember that every wallpaper job is different. There are many variances that come into play like different types of glue, or altering styles of paper that have been applied to various kinds of drywall or plaster. So, what works for wallpaper removal in one room, may not work for another.

From repairing drywall to wallpaper removal services and more, Mr. Handyman can help with your home improvement projects. We provide both minor and major home repairs you can count on. Don't trust your home to just anyone, request services from America's most trusted handyman today.

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