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Newly repaired door for residential home

The Essential Exterior Door Repair & Replacement Guide for Arlington, TX

Is your front entry door driving you up the wall because it fails to close properly? If you have to pull hard on your door before it will latch closed, you're not alone. All the exterior features in every Arlington home and business are more exposed than any other area. Your siding, soffits, fascias, and outside exits are all important for protecting you from the elements — but they're not immune to the effects of the outdoors.

Front entry doors, patio doors, and other gateways to the outdoors are all susceptible to the gradual wear that comes from constant exposure to the elements, so it's not surprising that they often develop issues that need repairs. In some cases, damage can be so severe that replacement is the only viable option.

You don't have to be one of Arlington's handyman service professionals to repair doors around your property. If you have the right tools and knowledge, it's possible for anybody to invest their time and effort into dealing with damaged external doors.

If you don't have the time, tools, or confidence to handle those repairs yourself, the exterior door experts at Mr. Handyman of Arlington are always available to offer expert advice and a wide selection of popular services. Repair service for exterior damage is something that we can help with, but you might be able to help yourself by completing basic repairs.

Common Exterior Entry Problems in Arlington, TX

The effects of aging and daily use take a toll on everything inside a building, including the entryways. Many people in Arlington are living with frustrating problems caused by that slow deterioration. In many cases, the solutions are simple and easy — especially for skilled technicians.

1. Failure to Latch

If your patio doors or front entry don't close properly, then you might be the victim of this common problem. It's often caused by misaligned latch bolts and strike plates. Is your latch still centered with the hole in your strike plate? If not, you'll need to repair that alignment issue before anything will latch closed properly.

It's possible that time has loosened the screws on your hinges, resulting in a lean that prevents proper alignment. Before you do anything else, tighten any loose screws and see if that fixes the issue. If not, then you'll probably have to relocate the strike plate so that it lines up better with your latch.

Repositioning your strike plate starts with removing it from the frame. Use the loose plate to determine a new position by lining it up with the center of the latch and marking the new position with a pencil. Use a chisel to cut away those marked sections, and then reattach the latch.

2. Rubbing & Sticking Against Other Surfaces

French style doors that stick inside their frames and wooden doors that rub against the floor are inconvenient and frustrating — especially if they scratch or damage other quality materials inside your property. Simple repairs might be all you need to turn those exterior entry enemies into friends.

Start by checking that all your hinge screws are tight. It's possible for loose screws to cause these problems. Some Arlington locals even report that one or two screws are entirely missing when they investigate these cases. You can replace any loose or missing screws with longer options that will grip the sturdy frame behind your jamb.

It's also possible to fill the holes with wood glue and try your old screws with that new surface, but that repair project will take more time, effort, and skill than simply replacing screws. Some improvement projects aren't worth investing the time if you're not certain that they'll work.

Don't be afraid of asking for help from an experienced professional if you're unfamiliar with, or uncertain about, any exterior repairs. A professional opinion will help you make an informed decision and restore your peace of mind. It helps to know why and when to contact your local handyman.

When Should You Consider Entry Door Replacement in Arlington, TX?

Generally, you should be considering installation services any time that the damage to an area of your property is so severe that repairing it would cost more than just replacing it. Unless you have some kind of sentimental attachment to a destroyed feature — or replacement would ruin an architectural style you're trying to preserve — then replacement is a superior solution for particularly problematic portals.

Signs You Need Professional Door Replacement:

  • Leaking Air: If an exterior entryway is difficult to open or close, it can let air leak out of gaps near the top or bottom of your frame. That will decrease any effective protection your exterior portals provide and also increase your monthly energy costs by forcing your HVAC systems to use more energy as they work harder. If you notice such issues, it's time to consider adding more energy efficient doors to your existing entries.

  • Excessive Dents, Dings, & Rust: Many exterior entries are quite vulnerable to damage from even little kicks and bumps. Plus, the steel gauge on top of wood frames will rust over time. Prevalent problems like these indicate compromised structural integrity, which is a sign that your current doors won't stand up against many more impacts.

  • Moisture Between Double-Pane Glass: If your exterior glass doors have any moisture accumulating inside their double-pane glass, that's an issue that must be resolved quickly, so you can avoid further issues with mold, mildew, and water damage. If you notice this happening with smaller windows inside your wood doors, that's an even more serious problem that could lead to issues with wood rot. Replacement might be the least of your worries if that happens.

  • Insect Damage: Insect infestations can reduce the structural integrity and energy efficiency of entryways. If an exterminator or any other expert tells you that pests have reduced the structural integrity of wood surfaces below fifty percent, that means your home is not only now easier to break into, but also losing significant amounts of warm or cool air. Plus, it will only be easier for more insects or other pests to get inside.

Do You Need Exterior Door Repairs or Replacement in Arlington, TX?

Mr. Handyman of Arlington is your local expert in Arlington and all nearby communities, like Mansfield, Colleyville, and Southlake. Our experienced handyman service professionals always provide professional quality service and a safe, worry-free experience. Plus, with all our popular services, we can also take care of everything else on your to-do list. You can do it all with one call!

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