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Former Lehman Bros. Executive Franchises With Mr. Handyman

Mr. Handyman franchise opportunity
Union, NJ Franchise Owner David Ambinder is a former executive at Lehman Bros.

The one year anniversary of the Lehman Bros. collapse came this past September and with it, several media outlets, including Newsweek featured Mr. Handyman franchisee David Ambinder. David was an executive at Lehman Bros., responsible for nearly 500 employees at one time and looked for an opportunity to create a new career... away from the financial industry when the industry crumbled.

Mr. Handyman hit David's radar as a possible place to start his new future as a small business owner when he recalled the need for such a service for his own home repairs in his past life. The similarities between working as an executive vice president and a successful Mr. Handyman franchise owner aren't as far fetched as one may think. Both roles require people management skills, attention to detail, a passion for customer service and the willingness to follow an established, proven system.

Click here to watch a clip from a New Jersey NOW television interview with David Ambinder and his choice for selecting Mr. Handyman as the next step in his career. If you're interested in finding out more information about franchising opportunities with Mr. Handyman, visit our website and complete a brief questionairre.