Father teaching child to use a Hammer and Nail

Father's Day Gifts: 10 Essential Home Repair Tools for Dad

Father teaching child to use a Hammer and Nail

Did you procrastinate on your Father's Day shopping again this year? Mr. Handyman has put together an essential list of home repair tools that any father must have. Whether you are starting a tool kit from scratch, or just filling in a few missing tools, the list below will help you with last minute father's day shopping.

If dad does not already have a toolbox a large bucket makes for a convenient and inexpensive storage device for maintenance projects. Mr. Handyman, the nation's largest home improvement franchise service, shares the basic tools needed for performing small projects around the house.

10 Important Tools to create a Home Repair Kit from Mr. Handyman

1. Hammer
2. Screwdrivers-both flathead and Phillips
3. Wrench-keeping two on hand can be useful
4. Tape measure
5. Level
6. Cordless Drill-at least 18-volts with torque control
7. Pliers (needle nose, bull nose, channel locks, and vice grip)
8. Utility Knife
9. Electrical, plumber's, and duct tape
10. Flashlight

A cordless drill is the most important tool someone can use around the house, there is always a need to put something together, or tighten up a loose screw somewhere. These tools make a great starter-kit for home improvement projects.

As you become more comfortable with do-it-yourself projects, you will add to your tool kit while becoming familiar with the basic tools. Whether you want to hang a picture frame, change a toilet seat, put together a bookcase, or change cabinet doors , these tools around the home will assist with most home improvement projects.