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Mr. Handyman offers to clean up Yehya the Handyman's mistakes.

Dear Mr. Kimmel,

Here at Mr. Handyman, we are big fans of Yehya the Handyman, as seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He is great training for our technicians on the best ways to injure themselves and their customers at the same time, while destroying their homes in the process. After feeling sorry for Yehya's many customers, we decided to make you an offer. Mr. Handyman of Beverly Hills will be happy to follow Yehya around and fix his mistakes.

Video of Yehya the Handyman in action:


We will let him use our ladders in place of his "well-organized" odds-and-ends bucket. And we promise not to take any photos of any celebrities. Other than you, of course. And maybe Lady Gaga. Let us know if you would like to take us up on our offer. We'll even take care of your own honey-do list. Would you let Yehya do that?

Warmest Regards,
The Technicians of Mr. Handyman

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