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Spring Home Maintenance and Home Buying Tips: Mr. Handyman in the News April 2011

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Stretching Your Dollar: Preventative Home Maintenance

James Furrer Mr. Handyman Indianapolis, IN James Furrer, owner of Mr. Handyman of SE Boone, W Hamilton & N Marion Counties appeared on FOX Indianapolis (WXIN)on April 12 to provide Indianapolis residents tips on home maintenance. James said "We often come across a project that someone has started on the 'honey-do-list' and we come in and fix it."

Also, with the hot weather coming, check for leaks around the windows and doors. It can save you a lot of money on your air conditioning bills, reminds James, "that's something else we can take care of as well; repairing sliding glass doors and screens to make sure they're fully functional."


Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Home

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Gina Chapman, owner of Mr. Handyman of Richmond , appeared on Virginia This Morning (CBS) to discuss some spring maintenance tips that will save money and increase efficiency. Gina offered this tip regarding changing the filters on your air intake screens in your house, "a lot of homeowners don't know that you're supposed to do that and sometimes we go into a home and there has been the same filter there for ten years; very bad for your air quality and also cuts down the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems."

Gina also recommends having a ceiling fan to turn on when you get a little warm. "It's good to have these because it cuts down on the energy usage in your home; most fans have a reverse switch on them and you want to be in counterclockwise mode for the summer. When you stand under the fan, you want to feel the air on you."


The Multiple Choice: Not every franchisee has what it takes to juggle more than one brand, but those who do can reap big rewards

Mr. Handyman Metropolitan Washington Owners

Mike Park and Robert Schattner, owners of Mr. Handyman of Metropolitan Washington , were interviewed by Jason Daley in the April 2011 issue of Entrepreneur magazine. They were asked about their multiconcept franchising choice to piggyback a Mr. Handyman franchise on top of their fire, water and mold restoration franchise:

"We already did repairs and had the infrastructure and management," Park says. "It was about broadening our base of business, and getting business from as many avenues as possible."

Home Buyer's Guide: How to Keep from getting burned

Mr. Handyman President and CEO, Todd Recknagel, makes ehow readers aware of problems often come with an existing house. Mr. Recknagel also walks potential owners through the pros and cons of new and older construction.

"Most of the value in a new home is in the finishing", says Recknagel, view the rest of his tips at