Garage organization with pegboard for tools

Tool Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries and Insure Success

Everyone needs to be proactive in their eyecare, but men in particular need to take extra precautions. 80% of all work related eye injuries occur to men. And the number one occupation in which that occurs - construction.


With some tips on at home tool safety, here's Mr. Handyman, Dennis McGee, with this month's Healthy Home Report:

Here are five simple tips that could make a big difference in your safety and success:

Garage Organization with pegboard for tools

1. Every tool comes with a manual. Read it. No matter how many times you've used a similar tool, take the time to thumb through the manual, familiarize yourself with the tool, and maybe you'll save a thumb in the process.

2. Safety glasses should be use at all times, no matter the project. There are a great deal of options, from the simple to the cool. Whatever your style, protect the peepers.

3. Protect your ears. Whether you're gardening, or building, power tools often generate a louder decibel level than is safe to the unprotected ear. Again, you have lots of options to pick from and if you're a frequent user, make the investment in a good protection.

4. What you wear and what you don't wear could greatly impact your safety. Avoid loose fitting clothes and jewelry as they could get caught in your equipment. Do wear gloves to protect your hands, but not at the risk of not being able to safely grip the tool.

Father teaching child to use a Hammer and Nail

5. Finally, never leave a tool unplugged or turned on if it's unattended. It only takes a few seconds for a curious or helpful child to do serious harm. Always unplug and use safety catches whenever you walk away from the tool.

And so, a great way to remember these five tips from your local professional handyman , take a look at your hand and the five fingers on your hand and how great they look on your hand.