Piano stairs leading upstairs

Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Nashville - How the Piano Stairs Were Made

piano stairs

No shoes, no shirt, no problem; but no stairs...we have a problem! Jimmy Buffett's famed restaurant/bar chain Margaritaville opened up in Nashville, Tennessee. in November 2010. Hadley Hurford, owner of Mr. Handyman of Nashville , took his wife Peggy and some friends out to the restaurant shortly after its opening and while there, Hadley introduced himself to the manager and gave her a business card.

Right before Christmas, Margaritaville called on Mr. Handyman to repair treads on the kitchen stairs, which kept tripping up the servers. The technician and Hadley researched a solution and recommended and installed the Safeguard® fiberglass treads and a black steel panel on the riser to make them appear new as well.

Turns out Hadley's On Time. Done Right. attitude was needed again and his business was called in again. While preparing for an upcoming Jimmy Buffett concert in the venue, the team needed to improve the stairs made to look like piano keys. Not having completed a custom task like this before, Hadley worked with Safeguard again to produce the look while making them non-slip to ensure patrons' safety. piano stairs

The Hurfords were invited to a Peter Mayer and Friends concert, made up of Jimmy Buffett's band members. Mr. Handyman made this unique request look easy and the professional handyman team tackled the challenge by identifying the right product, a method for cutting it and custom cutting each step precisely.