Alex Roberts, CFE and president of Mr. Handyman International

Mr. Handyman in the News - December 2011

What Are the Best Ways to Save on Bills?

Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts, CFE, is president of Mr. Handyman International, part of Service Brands International (SBI) which also operates Mr. Handyman, Molly Maid and 1-800-DRY-CLEAN. Before becoming president of Mr. Handyman, Roberts was president of ProTect Painters and previously spent three years as vice president of franchise development at SBI. Alex offered up these tips to save on bills on eLocalBlog on December 6, 2011: 1. Seal cooling and heating ducts with duct wrap or mastic sealant. 2. Fix plumbing leaks. 3. Insulate your hot water heater. 4. Replace shower heads with low-flow heads. 5. Install low flow toilets. 6. Install ceiling fans. 7. Plug overlooked energy leaks around the house. 8. Insulate. 9. Install a hot water heater timer. 10. Replace your light bulbs. 11. Replace old windows with new high performance dual pane windows. 12. Insulate your hot water pipes. 13. Install outdoor solar lighting. 14. Install shades, drapes, awnings or sunscreens to block light. 15. Add lighting controls and timers. 16. Reuse and Recycle.

Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Tom Raar, General Manager of Mr. Handyman of Greater Grand Rapids

Tom Raar is owner of Mr. Handyman of Greater Grand Rapids providing Handyman Services to Grand Rapids, MI. 3850 29th Street SE, Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. Phone: 616-384-4592. Tom appeared on Take 5 and Company on WZMM 13 (ABC) of Grand Rapids, MI on December 15, 2011. He discussed ten ways to improve your home to speed up its sale:

Improve Your Home

1. Patch nail holes. 2. Paint the walls a warm or neutral color. 3. Restore baseboards. 4. Consider hardwood flooring. 5. Emphasize lighting. 6. Update kitchens and bathrooms. 7. Install a closet system. 8. Put in double-pane windows. 9. Improve the curb appeal. 10. De-clutter.

Hanukkah Miracle: Your Appliances Last Longer with Faith (and Maintenance)

Rob Carpenter

Rob Carpenter is owner of Mr. Handyman of North & West Central MD , providing Handyman Services to Frederick, MD. 12 Davis Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701. Phone: 301-695-3636. Rob was interviewed on December 20, 2011, by Lisa Kaplan Gordon for , a national website focusing on home improvements. He shared insider tips to help extend the life of your home appliances and systems way beyond their warranties:

1. Refrigerators that last: Refrigerators blow out when doors don't close tightly, straining motors that work overtime to keep food cold. To test your door seal, close the door on a dollar bill: If the bill slips, you've got a problem that will require appliance maintenance. 2. Washing machine endurance: Loose change banging around your washer drum can cause dents, chipped paint, and rust, so make sure you empty pockets before washing clothes. 3. Dryers that keep on drying: In addition to regularly cleaning out your dryer's lint trap and exhaust hose, inspect the exterior vent - hot air must escape your house unimpeded. 4. Reliable garage doors: To keep your door opening smoothly and quietly for years, every month coat the springs, hinges, and rollers with light machine oil. 5. Toaster thoughts: Darkly toasted bread will burn out your toaster two years earlier than lightly toasted bread. Related Posts:

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