Flooded river

Emergency Preparedness: Prepare a Disaster Kit to Evacuate in Ten Minutes

flooded river

Extreme weather has increased the threat of rising river waters and flooding. People never imagined the river could rise to the level it has and have been forced to evacuate their homes. Chances are good that it will go even higher in the next few weeks. Preparing for an evacuation should be done prior to these rising waters so when they come, your family can both survive and thrive during and after the emergency.

Ready in 10 Minutes Plan

If a disaster, such as flooding, a chemical leak or a tornado bearing down on your community was imminent and you only had 10 minutes to evacuate, what would you do? It is vitally important to have a plan and an evacuation kit that is ready to go at any moment. The Ready in 10 Minutes Plan must include a way to instantly locate and safeguard the vital information, documents. and keepsakes that you'll need to have access to after the emergency has passed.

To start the plan you need to know:

  • Who will be going with you; include your immediate family, pets, and any other people that need to be considered.
  • Where you will go, depending on the different disasters that may take place.
  • Where you will stay for both short term and long term stays. It may be a while before you can return to your home, and in the worst case scenario, you may not have a home to return to.
  • How each of you will get there.
The Ready in 10 Minutes Plan should also include a checklist of vital items to escape with:
  • Medical records and medications for each person.
  • Insurance and deed information.
  • Wallet, purse, cell phone, chargers, keys, and contact information for others.
  • Vital information documents, birth certificates, marriage license, passports, etc.
  • Toiletries and a change of clothes to last for a couple of days.
  • Food and water necessities for the trip out.
  • Battery powered radio and flashlight.
  • Keepsakes or treasured items.
  • Financial documents.

A person or family can never fully prepare for a disaster, but being able to pick up their lives after the emergency is the second most important task after surviving it in the first place. Taking time to prepare your evacuation plan prior to any emergency situation may save your life and make it much easier on everyone after the emergency has passed.