Caulking gun

Exterior caulking helps prevent water damage and other problems

Applying Caulk to a Window Frame

Inspecting and repairing caulk is a critical maintenance project that should be done annually. Sealing cracks and gaps serves multiple purposes: it lowers heating and air conditioning bills by reducing air flow in and out of your home; it prevents moisture that can cause wood rot and mold from entering your walls; and it keeps insects and other pests out.

Check the following areas of your home for caulk which has become brittle and cracked, or has pulled away from the surface:

  • Around door and window frames
  • Joints, corners and angles where siding materials join together
  • The joints between siding materials and trim panels
  • Around faucets, vents, and electrical outlets on exterior walls

For the brave, a quick walk around the house during a heavy rain will reveal how water flows from the roof to the gutters and away from your house. You'll be able to identify any major moisture trouble spots quickly and make small preventive fixes before they turn into expensive repairs.

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