Closet upgrade before-and-after photos

How To Increase Home Value: Converted Storage Closet Delivers Return on Investment

Homeowner makes $10,000 using Mr. Handyman!

Mr. Handyman of Richmond recently helped a homeowner make $10,000! How? We turned unfinished space in the home into a beautiful finished room!

When determining a home's value, one component is an average price per square foot for the neighborhood multiplied by the finished square footage of the house. So, by adding to the finished square footage of the house, the home value is increased! While this can be done with a home addition, it can also be done by converting unfinished space into finished space!

Converted Closet Ceiling

In this particular case, the homeowner had a large unfinished storage closet in the home. The previous homeowner had slapped up some drywall, but had not finished it. Additionally, the floor was particle board plywood, the vent hole was uncovered and an unattractive weak light bulb served as the only light source. The homeowner wanted a smoother floor that wouldn't give splinters. Plus, there was a desire to seal up the cracks to prevent insects from getting to the stored items.

Our technician started by mudding and taping the existing drywall. (Please note that the drywall had been put up in a less than ideal way by the previous homeowner. However, our skilled technician was still able to work with it, thus saving the homeowner money!) After several cycles of mud application and sanding, the walls were smooth and ready for paint! The Mr. Handyman technician applied two coats of primer and two coats of paint. A wood-look laminate flooring was then installed, as well as the trim. Finally, the vent hole got a cover and a new brighter light fixture was installed. No more dim unattractive bulb hanging there!

Closet Floor Improvement

The homeowner is thrilled with their new space!

"It feels like an actual room now instead of an area where we are worried about stepping on a popped nail," the homeowner reports. "It's so nice that I am tempted to use it as a room and not as a closet!"

Plus, you can't argue with the math!

"When you take the added value to the house and subtract the cost of the job, we actually made $10,000 by having this work done!" the homeowner says. "But, since we're not actually selling right now, the value will probably be even higher, since the sales price per finished square foot will probably increase in the future! Thank you Mr. Handyman!"

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