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Saving Money and Simplifying Home Improvement: Mr. Handyman in the News May 2011

Home Repair To-Do List

Mr. Handyman was featured in an AOL real estate piece focusing on how to get the best prices on home improvements.

Services like Mr. Handyman provide customers with checklists to be completed for project estimation, and occasionally, the customer will also need to supply selected fixtures or finishes. So it's smart to have the pricing information for these ready to go so you can calculate the real bottom line after the labor estimate arrives.

Steve Caldwell, owner of Mr. Handyman of the Tri-Cities offers The Record advice on how Professional Handyman can simplify the home renovation and maintenance process.
"A lot of seniors have been burned," Caldwell said. That's why he decided to buy a Mr. Handyman franchise for the Kitchener-Waterloo area, to try to bring some quality and reliability to this highly unorganized sector.

Gina Champman, President of Mr. Handyman of Richmond Talked with AOL Small Business about why she opened a Mr. Handyman Home Improvement Franchise.
"When I started Mr. Handyman of Richmond 10 years ago, it was because I had trouble getting contractors to do small jobs at my house. They weren't interested in small things. There was definitely a need for this sort of service."

Mr. Handyman was featured on UtahBusiness.com for being
on track to quickly reach its mission of shrinking Salt Lake City's household "to do lists" by adding five additional locations over the next year and a half, relieving area consumers of the common stress of home repairs.