Leaves in a rain gutter

Home Exterior Fall Maintenance Checklist

Outdoor Fall Maintenance Checklist Fall Gutter Cleaning

As the days get shorter, it's time to prepare your home for fall and winter and complete your outdoor home maintenance tasks.

  1. Clean out the rain gutters , which have accumulated months of debris, leaves and gunk. Clogged gutters will send rainwater cascading down the sides of a house and allow it to pool near the foundation. Clean gutters help direct rainwater away from houses, protecting a home's siding and masonry from water damage.
  2. Check the home's siding, masonry and roof for cracks, leaks, damage, and bird or squirrel nests. Repair any problems before they turn into larger problems later in the season.
  3. Inspect chimneys for any problems in the masonry and consider having the chimney professionally cleaned, especially if it's been a few years since the last cleaning. Those cozy fall fires are great until you have a chimney fire.
  4. Inspect caulk around windows and repair areas which may have become brittle, cracked, or pulled away from the surface.
  5. Painting Trim on Exterior Window In warmer, Southern climates, fall is a great time to repair broken screens, paint your lanai, or clean and seal walkways constructed from pavers.
  6. Fall is also an ideal time to fertilize the lawn. The roots will absorb the fertilizer and store up nutrients through the winter.

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