white bathroom with black framed mirror

Master Bathroom Ideas: Get the Most Out of a Master Bath Makeover

Not everyone can afford to complete a master bathroom makeover all at once. Some homeowners opt for making over the master bath in stages. This allows them to space out the costs and work up to the completed room. If this describes your situation, consider starting with one of the larger and pricier purchases for your makeover to give the room an instant update.

white bathroom with black framed mirror

For example, if you have a traditional bathroom with a cabinet sink and want to stick with the style but update the overall look, have your professional handyman swap in a pedestal sink to get the project started. This traditional bathroom by Bridgid Coulter Design uses a white porcelain pedestal sink as the focal point. It immediately opens up the room, making it appear bigger because a cabinet no longer takes up so much space. Choose a pedestal sink that you can easily match to other large purchases down the road, such as the toilet and bathtub if you plan to replace those.

Once the pedestal sink has been installed, you will need to cover the wall area left bare by the removal of the cabinet sink. Simply use touch-up paint or order extra wallpaper to match the now-visible area with the rest of the room. A handyman also can help with this task if matching up strips of printed wallpaper with precision proves outside your comfort zone.

Continue with this stage of your master bathroom makeover by picking out new hardware for the pedestal sink. Choose carefully, as the design and finish will set the tone for the master bath makeover as a whole. In the traditional bathroom noted above, the designer opted for a gracefully curved faucet in warm brushed nickel. The finish extends to hardware elsewhere in the bathroom, from the door handle to the toilet-paper holder. Opt for uniformity in fixtures wherever you currently can. For example, you may need to wait until you purchase a new toilet to match the hardware attached.

Next, replace the storage from the cabinet sink with a tall fixture that does not add back the bulky look of the previous cabinetry. In this traditional bathroom, the designer chose a tall piece with shelves, drawer and cabinet to allow for both artful display of items and hidden storage. Its white finish matches the new sink and contributes to the airy feeling of the traditional bathroom.

To complete this initial stage of your master bathroom makeover, accessorize appropriately. In this traditional bathroom, the designer stuck to the white décor theme but provided pops of color in the graphic design of the wastebasket and in the print over the toilet and other accessories that complement the warm, tan tile on the floor. All small storage uses clear glass and a finish similar to the room's hardware, and bath linens on display show only in white. The bathtub, not seen here, would benefit from a shower curtain that picks up colors from the print above the toilet.

This traditional bathroom serves as just one example of a makeover that can be done in stages but provide you with instant impact. The cost of the new sink and accessories will not set you back as much as a full bathroom makeover would, but by putting one of the big-ticket items in the initial stage, it will allow you to space out the total cost of the pricier items. And if you do use the help of a professional handyman for this project, that cost also will span the entire project instead of resulting in one lump sum, as well.