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Door Hardware | Make your Door Look Its Best by Picking the Right Hardware

wooden front door

The hardware on your front door connects the architectural style of your home with its interior aesthetic. Therefore, it should complement both. Make your door look its best and set the tone for your home décor by picking the right hardware.

Hardware Type & Style
The first decision you make may already be partially decided for you. If you plan to use an existing door, you will need to choose hardware that lines up with the holes already present in the door and frame; you may also need to partially refinish the door if the shape of the entry hardware you choose does not match that of the previous one. If you need entry hardware for a new door, you have multiple options:

Thumb-Latch Handles - This type allows you to open the door by pressing down on the latch with your thumb and gripping the handle with your hand. The lock sits separately and above.

Knobs - Unlike interior door knobs with the only lock built into the knob, this type can include a lock on the knob and above, either separate from the knob or included in a plate.

Levers - This type of door requires you to push down on a lever to open. It also can include a lock on the knob and above, either separate from the knob or included in a plate.

All of these types of door hardware come in a wide variety of styles. If your home has more of a traditional architectural style, a hardware set such as this would work well. Or you could choose something more decorative but still within the traditional category. If your home qualifies as modern or contemporary, opt for a hardware set that mimics its clean lines.

Hardware Finish
The decision of which hardware finish to choose for your front door may be another one already partially decided for you. If you plan to use an existing door and wish only to swap out the entry hardware, leaving the hinges, then you should stay within the same finish. The most popular finishes are bronze, nickel, brass and chrome. Brass may suit a traditional home best, while the others could fit most any architectural style.

Many homeowners also prefer the hardware on their front door to match or complement the hardware inside their home. For example, if they had shiny brass hardware on the front door, they would continue the style inside as opposed to switching to nickel.

Additional Hardware
You may wish to add a knocker to your front door as well, and it should be in a style that complements the other hardware. Again, you can opt for a traditional knocker to match a traditional home, or you can have a little fun with it. This lovely pine cone knocker would fit right in on the front door of a rustic home in a wooded setting. This classic starfish knocker would work well for a beach house. And bully lovers would appreciate this bulldog knocker. You also can choose a doorbell to blend right in with the other hardware on your front door.

No matter which type, style or finish you choose, consider assigning the installation to your professional handyman. Getting the pieces to line up can be a tricky task, and must be done correctly to ensure your security, and any spot refinishing can be done much more quickly by someone with experience.

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