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Entry Doors With Glass: Adding Style to Your Front Entry

While a plain, multi-panel door looks perfectly fine with just about every type of architecture, a front door with glass makes a much more stylish statement. Learn more about this type of entry door and your many options before starting to shop.

Glass Front Door

Elements of an Entry Door With Glass
Glass Panels - The options are seemingly endless when it comes to the shape, size, location and design of glass panels on front doors. Glass panels come as squares, rectangles, ovals and arches. Some run the length of the door, while others just take over the top half. Clear and stained glass are options, as are beveled leaded glass in a variety of patterns. The most stylish entry doors with glass complement the architectural style of the house.

Sidelights - These are the vertical windows that sit parallel to the door on each side. They also run the length of the door, as one solid piece or in multiple panels, or just take over the top half, and they typically are in the same style as the main glass panels on the entry door.

Transom - This is the window atop the front door. It runs the width of the door and sidelights, if present, and also typically is in the same style as the main glass panels. It can be a simple rectangle or have an arch.

If you currently do not have sidelights or transoms, but wish to add them as part of a makeover of your entryway, it may be possible. Consult your professional handyman about the possibilities before making any purchases, as you will not only want to ensure it can be done within the framework of your front area, but you also will want to ensure you stick to an appropriate size and style for your home.

Clear vs. Decorative Glass
Choosing clear or decorative glass is a matter of personal preference in terms of privacy and design. An entry door with a multi-pane panel at the top featuring clear glass will allow you to see out, but it will those outside to see in if you do not have some sort of window treatment in place. A front door with decorative glass, such as beveled leaded or stained, allows you to incorporate the beauty of glass in your door without having to give up privacy. You also can opt for a glass door with wrought-iron design on the exterior.

Examples for Inspiration
These solid-mahogany double doors feature two panes of glass at the top of each door, plus multiple glass panels in the arched transom and sidelights. Such a design allows in plenty of light, and the wood frames throughout the entry door area provide privacy.

This front door design shows how glass can make an impact when only in the arched transom and sidelights, which incorporate the use of joining strips to create a design within the glass.

When shopping for new entry doors, transom and sidelights, don't rush the process. This is a major purchase for and addition to your home, and care should be taken when make a final decision. After all, it will serve as the opening design statement for your home.

This article is part of our series on Doors and Windows.

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