Cardboard football decoration

Football Bar - Enhance your Football Party

Football Bar

Football Bar Description: Make a fun football themed bar for your party!

Difficulty (on a scale of 1 - 3 hammers):

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Time: about 8 hours once you have the materials and tools. Allow extra time for paint to dry.


  • one sheet of Eucaboard (8' x 4')
  • two 2"x4" 10' lengths one 2"x4" 8' length Screws
  • Green chalkboard paint
  • Football brown paint
  • White paint Primer
  • 15" x 38" rectangle of green outdoor carpet
  • Painters tape
Football Bar Instructions: 1. Using our template , cut out the following shapes from your board:
  • three 15" x 38" rectangles
  • one football of about 33" x 64" (cut an inch off each end so it doesn't look lemony)
  • four rofugh triangular pieces
2. football bar diagram Cut 2"x4" wood into the following:
  • three 30.25" pieces
  • four 35" pieces
  • four 15" pieces

3. Create frame as shown:
Sides consist of two 35" pieces and two 15" pieces of 2x4. Connect the two sides with the three 30.25" 2x4s, one at the bottom front, one at the top front and one at the top back.

4. Use screws to attach one of your Eucaboard rectangles to each of the two sides. The rectangles should completely hide the 2x4s. Smooth side out.

5. Attach remaining Eucaboard rectangle at top. Smooth side up.

6. Attach triangular pieces leftover from around the football cut out to each of the four front corners.

7. Apply one coat of primer. Then, paint entire structure with 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint. (Allows you to write whatever you want on the sides! And then erase it!) 8. Apply two coats of football brown paint to the ROUGH side of the Eucaboard football. The rough side gives it a leathery appearance! See the texture? (We primed ours, but decided it's better if you don't, so disregard the white primer.)

9. Use painters tape and white paint to create the white lines and stitching on the ball.

10. Attach football to front of bar with screws.

11. Place green outdoor carpet rectangle on top of the bar.

12. Create coasters with the remaining green carpet.

13. Enjoy your favorite cool beverage with your friends!

Tip: Predrill all holes to prevent splitting

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