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Master Bedroom Makeovers | Ideas for Bedroom Color, Drapes, and Closets

Planning a Master Suite Makeover

The master suite proves the easiest room in a house to makeover. Simple changes can give the area a new look, while rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom require more involved-and more expensive-renovations. New paint, window treatments and bedding, plus a more organized closet, can turn a master suite into so much more than simply the room you sleep in.

Choose a Color Palette for Your Bedroom Suite

Different colors create different atmospheres. For example, reds will set a passionate tone in the bedroom , while blues will result in a more serene environment. Greens will bring nature inside, as will browns. When choosing the color palette for a room, start by picking up paint samples. A neutral color, such as a shade of green or brown, will make an excellent wall color and provide more freedom in the future when changing out window treatments and/or bedding.

Apply the samples to a wall near a window and look at the colors at different times throughout the day to see how the light changes their appearance. After picking the wall paint, take a sample along when shopping for window treatments and bedding. Pick fabrics that complement the paint color. For example, if a shade of light green will cover the walls in the master suite, look at draperies or curtains and bedding in light blues for a soft, calming color palette. The lighter the drapery color, though, the more light will shine into the room; look for fabrics with backing if sleeping late requires a dark bedroom. Hardware for the window treatments represents another way to tie the look of the master suite together. Find a rod that complements furniture or hardware, such as doorknobs and hinges, already in the room.

Getting the Closet Organized and Staying That Way

Bedroom Closet Makeover & Organization

Before opening a single paint can, organize the master suite closet to ensure the newly made-over bedroom area remains clutter free. Start by going through every item in the closet and pulling out anything not worn or used in the past year. Either take the items to a resale shop if in good condition or donate to charity. Assess what remains and decide on an organizational system. Such systems are available at home organization stores and from custom closet builders. They offer everything from racks for your hanging items and shoes, to cubbies for shirts, to drawers for underwear and jewelry. Choose the organizational system that best fits all of the items requiring storage, so that the bedroom area stays streamlined and clean. Mr. Handyman can professionally install the system so that all pieces in the system fit just right. As a closet organization system will be an expensive purchase during a master suite makeover, proper installment proves important.

Makeover the Master Bedroom

To start the makeover process, pick a weekend with no activities, as it will take two full days from the first brush stroke to putting on the new bedding. If the walls in the master suite have seen better days, a handyman would prove helpful for drywall service like patching and sanding, as well. Hire out the painting job completely for the most professional work possible. A handyman also can hang window treatment hardware correctly the first time to keep freshly patched and painted walls free of unnecessary holes. Once the paint dries completely, dress the windows with the new treatments and the bed with the new bedding. Put fresh flowers in the room to complete the look and put the finishing touch on your master suite makeover, then sit back and enjoy the new space.