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How to Get (and Keep) Bugs Out of Your Home

Summer is bug season. And nothing is more annoying than something (fly, bee, mosquito or otherwise) buzzing in your ear. Want to know how to get rid of those pesky bugs? Here are a few helpful hints:

Work from the Outside In

Remove all standing water that attracts flies and mosquitoes. Have a bird bath you can't live without? Just be sure to move it as far from the entry points into your home as possible. Do you compost? Again, make sure to place your heap as far away from the house as possible. Also, do not let dog poop pile up as it attract flies.

Check Entry Points

Reduce entry points for small bugs by checking all doors and windows to make sure they are secure and have no holes or blemishes; seal any you find with caulk or putty. Screens looking a little shabby-chic lately? Keep windows closed until they're replaced.

Trap 'Em

Flytraps come in a variety of types and price points, but one easy (and cheap) trap requires only dish soap and a mason jar. Fill the jar with one-inch of fruit-scented dish soap and one-inch of water, flies should then get trapped in the pool. Then, clean, rinse, and repeat!

Use Some Elbow Grease

If you're a little late on spring cleaning, you might want to get the ball rolling on that yourself or hire help. A thorough cleaning will get rid of things bugs love like crumbs or gunk stuck to countertops crevices. Wipe countertops after each use and sweep floors regularly to maintain a clean space. Also, keep food in tightly sealed containers. If you recycle, wash all containers before placing them in bins. Be sure to pick up pet food dishes when not in use.

Repel Naturally

Hang pine boughs at entry points throughout the house. Flies dislike the smell of pine oil. You also can make fly repellant sachets using tea bags and cloves. Also you can set potted false indigo, lavender, elderberry, basil or mint plants at entry points to repel flies.

Here's to a bug-free summer! Indoors, anyway.

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