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Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2012

With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, you may be looking for some gift ideas for the Dad who loves to get things done around the house. Or possibly for the dad that you WANT to get things done around the house. We found some great things that your dad might like! All for under $50! The Gorilla Torch

1) The Gorilla Torch - This flashlight looks a little bit like an alien with magnetic feet and adjustable legs. You might secretly expect it to start walking around on its own. Just wrap it around something or stick it to something like a car and the light shines exactly where Dad needs it. ($35)

2) Kobalt Multi-Drive Wrench - This looks cool, but you might not realize just how cool this actually is. Dad will though! This wrench works with 68 different fasteners, so instead of Dad having to carry Black & Decker Laser Level around a 50 lb ratchet set, he can just use this one thing! ($20)

3) Black & Decker Laser Level - Maybe Dad has an old laser level, but does he have one that changes laser color from red to green when it's level? One that can suction to the wall? Old laser levels sometimes required you to make a small hole in the wall to secure them. Not this one! ($10)

4) Kobalt Flexible Head Ratchet Screwdriver - Dad will feel like Dirty Harry with this thing! It comes with a holster and cartridges that slide in the screw bit of your choice. There is definitely a fun factor with this tool. If you get this for your father, he will likely sit there for a while, messing around with it. Yep, it's like a toy for Dads. ($20) occupancy light switch

5) Occupancy Sensing Light Switch - For the dad who likes to ask "What, do you think we own stock in the electric company?" This automatically turns off lights when nobody is in the room. (Some states are now requiring these for new construction.) This can reduce your electric bills, which will surely put a smile on Dad's face! ($28)

6) Contour Master Customizable Area Sprinkler - Most yards are not perfectly square. Dad can set up this sprinkler to spray different distances to properly water the entire yard! This can save water, since he won't be watering the driveway or street! ($20) The Nifty Nabber

7) The Nifty Nabber - This tool is like an extendable arm with a built-in claw and magnet to grab something just out of reach. We suspect dads might go around looking for things that need grabbing, just so they can play with this. ($15)

8) 3M WorkTunes - Show Dad that you care about his hearing with WorkTunes: ear protection and music in one! He can listen to the radio or attach his iPod. Warning: Might make Dad boogie a little while he is mowing the grass or using his power tools. ($50) Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel

9) Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel - Whether Dad is working around the house or relaxing in the backyard, this towel will keep him cool! Just wet it down and it cools without getting clothes wet! It kind of seems like magic. Dad's friends will be envious. ($13)

10) Mr. Handyman Gift Certificate - Yes, lucky for us, not all fathers like to do their own home improvements. For them, we recommend a Mr. Handyman gift certificate. Then everybody is happy!

Once you figure out what the fathers in your life will like best, use a nice metal bucket as a sparkling gift basket! Dad can use it later as a patio cooler for his favorite beverage. Happy Father's Day!

Gina Chapman is President of Mr. Handyman of Richmond , providing service to Richmond, Glen Allen, Midlothian and Mechanicsville. See Gina in action on Virginia This Morning sharing tips about these great Father's Day gift ideas for the handyman in your life!

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