Garage organization

3 Ways to Organize Your Garage

Start with an Outline garage organization "Honey, where's the hammer/measuring tape/nails/pliers/level/screwdriver?" Have you heard this question before, or a variation of it? Here's a cool tip from Hang your tools on a wall or pegboard. Then outline each tool with a permanent marketer. Afterwards you'll aways know where to put it back, and no more time will be wasted looking for lost tools. But what about the smaller items? Superglue the lids from old glass jars onto a wooden shelf. Place small items like nails, nuts, bolts, etc. into the jars and screw the them onto the superglued lids.

Bungee It Up

garage organization

Here's a cool and easy tip we found on This is particularly helpful if you have a sports-fueled family. Organize your sports equipment with bungee cords! Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, can now all be organized in one place. Plus, it's easy to access for pick-ups games and spontaneous play.

Accessorize and Categorize

garage organization

This idea comes from a blog called IHeartOrganizing , so you know it has to be good. This organizational tip requires a bit more elbow grease in the sense of time, sorting, categorizing, labeling, etc. However, once completed, your garage will be your new favorite place. What you'll need most with this tip is time, patience and a little creativity.

What do you think of these three organizational tips? Need more intel on how to make your garage glimmer? Check out our Garage Organization Ideas page.