How to Afford Handyman Services | The Value of Time

We've all heard it. "Time is Money."And that is certainly true but only to a point - because we all know that time is precious, too.

Having time to do the things you want to do is important - whether it be more time with the kids, more time at home or in the garden, or simply more "me" time, it should be a priority in life. And we all know that slipping away for a massage and a fancy coffee every once in a while can be wonderfully refreshing for the soul.

Do you want more free time but you aren't sure where to start? How about leaving the home repairs to the professionals, for starters? We know what you may be thinking, "Handyman services?! That is SO not in my budget. I can totally fix the (sink/tile/deck/gutters/drywall/etc/etc) on my own." But you'd be amazed at the number of times we're hired to fix the DIYers attempts at fixing the sink/tile/deck/gutters/drywall/etc/etc on their own. And, a lot of times those things either never get fixed or take months and months to be completed. According to a 2009 e-poll market research study, 31% of consumers said the reason they hired a handyman service was because they had "no time."

Time is money. But it's precious, too.

If you could put a value on time, what would it be? Tell us in the comments section below.