garage shelving filled with supplies

How to Clean Your Garage

We have several blog posts dedicated to garage organization and how to better maximize storage and space. But we haven't focused on how to actually clean your garage. And we all know there is a big difference between organizing and cleaning...

You probably don't clean your garage like you normally would your bathroom or kitchen. But your garage needs some cleaning love too. Sure, it doesn't have to be once a week, but once or twice a year should do the trick. So, where do you start? Assuming you've followed our instruction on garage organization, follow these tips to turn your oily, dusty, spider-webby, dark, dank garage into a clean one...

  • Start left to right, top to bottom. Use a broom and secure an old yet durable towel onto the bristles with a rubber band. Use your new dusting device to get hard to reach cobwebs and dust. Focus on the area where the garage wall meets the ceiling, brushing the walls and any shelving of your garage (top to bottom) as you go. And don't forget about those corners!
  • Here kitty, kitty. Remove unsightly oil spills on your garage floor by using kitty litter. Spread the kitty litter over the oily area, (using an old pair of sneakers) step on the kitty litter for maximum absorption. Sweep. And repeat! *meow*
  • Elbow grease. Wipe down any shelving or countertops in your garage with the all-purpose cleaner of your choice and an old yet durable towel.
  • Bonus! Use a few chopped-up onions to help remove that dank, mildew smell from your garage. Simply cut a few onions in half. Leave overnight, and that icky dank smell should disappear.

What do you think of our garage cleaning tips? Have one of your own?