PVC pumpkin spider

PVC Pumpkin Spider

PVC Pumpkin Spider craft

Create a spooktactular entrance for Halloween trick-or-treaters with this spider pumpkin.

30 minutes, plus spray paint drying time.

See the PVC Pumpkin Spider at the :48 mark in our video.

PVC Pumpkin Spider craft video button

1 - Pumpkin
2 - 10 Foot Lengths of ½" PVC Pipe
8 - ½" 90° Elbow Joints
8 - ½" 45° Joints
8 - Long Nails or substitute to help hold legs up

Instructions Spider Pumpkin Assembly

Our fans have jumped in on the Pumpkin Spider fun. A shout out to Peter in California for sharing his photos of his pumpkin spider creation. Do you have pictures you would like to share? Send them to [email protected]

PVC Pumpkin Materials (Pumpkin, Pipe & Joints)

PVC Pumpkin Spider Materials

Pumpkin, Legs and Joint Painting

PVC Pumpkin Spider Painting

Pumpkin Spider Face Close-Up. Stakes are helpful in securing the legs in the grass.

Pumpkin Spider Face Close-Up

Completed Pumpkin Spider ready for Trick-or-Treaters!

Completed PVC Pumpkin Spider

Deluxe Spider Pumpkin with Thorax. Another fan, Scott A. in Edgewood, WA sent us this pumpkin spider, complete with a thorax. Nice work, Scott. We are impressed!

Thorax Base - Cut Wood with Jigsaw, Cut Holes, Spray Paint Black.

Thorax leg mount pieces

Completed Thorax Leg Assembly

Legs attached to thorax base

Completed Thorax Base

Complete Spider Pumpkin with Thorax Base without pumpkin

Complete Spider Pumpkin with Thorax Base

Complete Spider Pumpkin with Thorax Base with pumpkin

Finished Pumpkin Spider Painted Black

Finished PVC Spider Pumpkin

Mr. Handyman Pumpkin Carving Ideas

See the PVC Pumpkin Spider at the :48 mark in our video.

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