Woman with baby

Top 5 Child Safety Tips for the Home

woman holding a baby

It's amazing what can happen in the matter of seconds. One minute, you're watching your little one banging on pots and pans on the kitchen floor, you turn your back for one second, and some how she's managed to crawl to the top of the basement stairwell. Eeeek! It's a frightening feeling when you see your child on the brink of what could have been a serious accident. Not sure where to start when baby proofing your home ? Here are our top five child safety tips:

  1. Prevent Opening Doors/Cabinets. Once children are tall enough to reach doorknobs or understand the concept of opening/closing, it may be time to consider installing doorknob stoppers and childproof locks, which will prevent your children from opening doors and cabinets but allow parents to (somewhat) easily open.
  2. Cover Electrical Sockets. Kids love to poke, prod and point. Their fingers are small enough to get into many things, including electrical sockets. Cover all sockets in each room of your home.
  3. Soften Sharp Corners. Whack! Waaaaaaaahhh! How many times have you heard your young one slam into the corner of the coffee or dining room table and start crying? Cut an X into a tennis ball and cover each sharp corner, which can help prevent future "Waaaaaaahhhhs!"
  4. Prevent falls. Always install safety gates at the top of stairwells to prevent falls. Use the gates that actually bolt into your wall as they're more secure that pressure gates.
  5. Sound the alarm. Check all smoke detectors and install a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

What do you think of our top five child safety tips? Have a tip of your own? Leave it in the comment section below.