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Doors Repair and Replacement

Dog and Cat Door Installation


We love getting calls for pet door installation because we love pets! Mr. Handyman is the preferred pet door installer of PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors.

Exterior Door With Pet Door Installation

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Pet door options exist that allow family pets to go outside and come back in again without your assistance. Learn more about these products, and then talk to your professional handyman about which one best suits your situation.

Installing Screen Doors

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Screen doors open your home to the outside world. Get the lowdown on choosing, repairing, replacing and installing the right screen doors for your home.

How to Order Sliding Glass Doors or Exterior French Doors

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Incorporate the beauty of your outdoor space into the design of your indoor space with glass doors. Compare options and choose between sliding patio doors and exterior French doors.

Choosing the Perfect Front Door For Your Home

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Your front door offers up the first impression of your house. Explore your options before you choose the perfect style and material to complement the architecture of your home.

Pick the Right Hardware For Your Entry Door

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Choose hardware for your front door that complements both the architectural style of your home and its interior décor. Consider type, style, finish, and additional hardware to complete the look.

Adding Style with a Glass Entry Door

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Make a stylish statement by adding an entry door with glass to the front of your home. Consider style elements, glass type, and architectural style to make the best choice for your new entryway.

Do I Need a Professional Installer to Replace a Sliding Glass Door?

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Replacing a sliding glass door might not be the ideal DIY job for a homeowner. You'll need to consider transporting the doors, special tools needed, and the amount of time the task will take depending on experience and skill level.