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Tailgate Party Tips

Tailgating season is upon us. So this is undoubtedly, a football fan's favorite time of year. Not only is football (seemingly)tailgating people holding food on 24/7 on all the different sports stations, but tailgating is also one of the highlights of the football season. Whether you're a tailgating pro or novice here is one tip to keep in mind, Molly Maid writes:

Arrive at the stadium as early as possible to scope out the best spots, which will be at the end of a row near garbage and bathroom facilities. Being on the end gives you more space to spill out into, and parking close to garbage cans allows you to easily dump your bags once full. Proximity to the bathroom also limits the amount of time spent walking back and forth. Speaking of back and forth, raise a distinctive flag atop your car antennae to keep friends and family members from getting lost.

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