Garage Storage | Rack, Bin and Storage Systems to Keep Things Clean

Do you have garage envy? Odds are, at least one of your neighbors has a pristine garage that you covet whenever you see the door open. Shelves line the walls and ceiling, keeping everything neatly in place, from holiday decorations to power tools. And two vehicles actually fit inside! If you want such a garage, follow these storage tips to get exactly that.

Install Wall Shelves and Racks

Yes, you can simply line the walls of your garage with boxes, but that limits your storage space, unless you want to be constantly pulling down boxes to get at the ones you need. Instead, install shelving and racks along each sidewall of your garage and at the front. Be sure to accurately measure the available space with both vehicles in the garage and leave room to open their doors. If you only have one vehicle, keep in mind that visiting friends and relatives might find it handy to keep theirs inside for safety reasons and to avoid winter weather if applicable.

In terms of the type of shelving and racks to install, keep your needs and lifestyle in mind. For example, if you have multiple bikes that need storing, consider adding racks on which you can hang them. Or if having an area for your woodworking projects wins out, a built-in work bench and pegs for hanging tools makes sense. You also may prefer to have most everything behind closed doors, making cabinets more attractive than open shelves.

Think about what you store in your garage and how you spend time in there, then sketch out a design. Or simply tell your professional handyman your wants and needs, and leave the designing and building to them.

Install Ceiling Storage in Your Garage

If you have the clearance above your vehicles, installing shelves that hang from the ceiling further expands your storage space. Check out this DIY article for more information, and consider having a professional handle the job. The last thing you want to have happen is for shelves - and the items they hold - to fall on your car because they were not properly secured to the ceiling

Get Organized

Once you have all of your storage solutions in place, put them to their best use by getting organized. Some ways to do this with garage items include:

Going through every item in your garage and applying the keep, donate or trash method of cleaning.

Properly labeling every box, bin and cabinet. Invest in a label maker and go to town. This also makes an excellent job for a young family member, who might find working the label maker a fun task. Just don't sweat the misspellings that might come from younger kids.

Storing seasonal and other infrequently used items in the harder to reach areas. That means on the top shelves, whether on open shelves or inside cabinets.

Keeping everything in its place when not in use. It's so easy to pull a box down to access an item, only to leave it on the floor to put away later. Before you know it, you've got more than one box on the ground, blocking your path to something you need next. Adopt the old adage, a place for everything and everything in its place to keep your garage tidy.

All of the above make an excellent DIY project if you have the construction skills and time necessary for building shelves and/or installing other types of garage storage. If you don't, not to worry, your professional handyman can tackle the job in no time. He or she also can do other garage projects, such as sealing your garage floor against spills and stains. Before you know it, neighbors will be eyeing your garage with envy.

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