Infographic about creating a glowing garden

Create a Glowing Garden | Gardening Tips for the Home

Proper care and maintenance of a garden can seem overwhelming. However, keeping your home well-landscaped has proven to be a great investment of time and resources. Real estate experts say well-landscaped yards can improve your home's value by 10-25%. Before you get started, consider these easy gardening tips to help your plants thrive:


Watering: When choosing plants and flowers for your outdoor space, consider how often they need to be watered. According to Lowe's, hanging flower baskets in the sun may need to be watered once or twice daily whereas baskets in the shade require one-third less water than those in full sun. Make a watering schedule for the various plants in your yard and post in your kitchen to remind you when to show your plants some love. Soil: There are many ways to keep your soil fertile and productive. Adding mulch to your garden soil retains moisture and protects against temperature extremes. Another easy method is to add well-composted vegetation into your soil. Seeds: Good quality seeds are important to the health of your plants. Avoid discounted gardening seeds sold at chain stores. They probably haven't been stored under ideal conditions, and you may find germination to be spotty. Be sure to use high-quality seeds to ensure the best possible outcome from all your hard work. Tomato plants: Tomatoes are America's most popular garden vegetable. Although they are one of the easier vegetables to care for, they still need specific attention. According to the National Garden Association, giving your tomato plants at least 6-8 hours of sun and well-drained soil to survive and thrive is the best way to ensure their healthy growth. Soon you'll be bearing the fruits, or should we say vegetables, of your labor! No matter what plants, flowers, or vegetables you decide to plant, remember to keep in mind our gardening essentials and you will be sure to create a glowing garden!