bedroom with large mirror

Custom Bedroom Mirror Ideas

Mirrors add depth and light to any room in the house. Large mirrors in small rooms can make the room look twice the size. And when hung in the right spot, mirrors can provide more natural light into a room - creating a brighter, happier space.

Bedrooms are the perfect place for custom mirrors. Continue reading to see Mr. Handyman's custom bedroom mirror ideas...

The Accent Mirror

Not only can mirrors provide depth and light, they can also provide a little personality. Just like the mirror below, it gives the room a hip, retro look because of its asymmetrical shape. Custom accent mirrors are a great way to inject a little charm and charisma into an otherwise dull, bland spare bedroom.

The Floor-to-Ceiling Mirror

Custom floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the bedroom are the best way to add depth and space into the room. They're also the best way to get the most thorough look at yourself before a big night out or on your way to work. These types of custom bedroom mirrors are more commonly used on sliding closet doors - although they can certainly be installed on other walls in the room.

The Make-A-Statement Mirror

These mirrors are big, bold, and in your face. That's what making a statement is all about, right? These mirrors tend to be too heavy to hang, so you'll need the space to have the perfect spot for it.

You can never go wrong with adding mirrors to a space. As mentioned previously, they add depth, aesthetic design, and functionality. We hope you now have an idea for your next custom bedroom mirror project. As always, we recommend professional installation of your new delicate pieces for safest results. To find your local Mr. Handyman, click here.