5 things You Can Fix with Everyday Stuff: Furniture Dents in Carpet

DIY Tips for your Living Room

Mr. Handyman knows there are many everyday repairs that don't require a handyman. That's why we created our new DIY infographic, " 5 Things You Can Fix with Everyday Stuff ," to share professional secrets on DIY home repairs using everyday items. Today we'll focus on DIY tips for your living room...

Nail holes, carpet dents, and scuff marks in your living room can be quite the eye sore. Even the most beautiful living rooms can look sloppy with these imperfections. Luckily, these small household repairs can be fixed without a handyman using items you most likely already have in your home! Have you re-arranged your furniture lately only to be annoyed by the dents left in the carpet? Luckily, carpet dents can be lifted with a couple of ice cubes and a vacuum. Leave one to two ice cubes on each dent and wait eight hours before vacuuming over the affected area. The dent should now be completely lifted. If you are not satisfied, however, repeat the process one more time to guarantee a carpet that is good as new.

5 things you can fix with everyday stuff infographic

Scuff marks can detract from beautiful tile, vinyl, or wood floors in your living room. But we have a secret from the professionals: use a new, unused tennis ball as a scuff mark remover. Simply rub the scuff marks with the new tennis ball, and your scuffs should disappear. You can also use this household item to remove scuff marks from any painted wall.

How to Fix: Scuff Marks infographic

Many people know that repairing nail holes are a common do-it-yourself project. But next time you need to fix a hole in your drywall, you can save yourself a trip to the hardware store by opening your bathroom drawer. All you need is:
  • white, non-gel toothpaste,
  • a straight edge or ruler
  • a rag
First, cover the small hole with toothpaste and use the straightedge to smooth the paste over the hole. Next, wipe remaining paste from the wall and wait for the area to dry. Lastly, cover the repaired area with paint if needed. Your DIY drywall repair is now complete, and you never even left your house!

How to Fix: Nail Holes in Drywall infographic

Mr. Handyman wants to help you with those pesky, in-home repairs while also saving you a trip to the hardware store. Check out the full version of our DIY infographic, " 5 Things You Can Fix with Everyday Stuff," here. What are your favorite household fixes using everyday items? Share with us by commenting in the section below!