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Living Room Ideas | Great Ideas for Inexpensive Living Room Remodels

In most homes, the living room gets more use than any other. Friends and family gather there to catch up and to celebrate special occasions. If your living room needs an update but you don't have the budget to redo it from top to bottom, consider one of these great ideas for inexpensive living room remodels we have recently covered in our blog.

Living Room Seating

Adding built-in seating to your living room offers multiple benefits. Not only does it create additional seating, but also more storage. Built-in benches create cozy seating next to a fireplace or below a window, both of which up the charm level of the room when topped with cushions and pillows that add new pops of color. Read more in Built-in Seating for Your Living Room .

Unique Bookcase Ideas

For the family that reads together, installing built-in bookcases creates more room for its growing collection and can also serve as a focal point; a work of art in and of itself when arranged with small treasures from travels or photos in frames. A ladder makes it easy to access titles higher up. Read more in Unique Bookcases with Ladders & Bookcases with Doors .

Fireplace Makeovers and Remodels

One of the easiest ways to give a living room a new look involves updating the fireplace. For a quick remodel, simply paint over dated-looking brick with a color that complements the rest of the room. You can also cover existing brick with tile. Doing so requires a bit more work as you will need to use cement backer board to create a level space on which to attach the tile. You can also replace or add a new mantel to update the appearance of a fireplace. And for those who don't have a fireplace or the required venting system but want a mantel, faux fireplaces take just the skills of a carpenter. Read more in Fireplace Designs and Ideas for a Charming Makeover .

Mantel Ideas for Your Fireplace

Speaking of replacing an existing mantel or adding one, it really can update your living room with little effort. Options are available from hand-crafted to pre-fabricating, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your home. Read more in Mantel Ideas for Your Fireplace.

DIY Living Room Tips

While the above are a mix of do-it-yourself and those that require the help of a professional, you can take the DIY route with all of the ideas in this post. It focuses on fixing, as opposed to remodeling, and features the " 5 Things You Can Fix With Everyday Stuff ," which offers tips such as how to fix furniture dents in carpet: Put one or two ice cubes on the dent and let sit for eight hours, then gently lift the fibers with your fingers before running the vacuum over the area. Also learn how to get rid of scuffmarks on floors and walls and how to fix nail holes in drywalls with easy graphic instructions. Read more in DIY Tips for Your Living Room.

More Do-It-Yourself Tips Outside of the Living Room

In a recent segment on Fox 26 in Houston, Mr. Handyman franchise owner Alan Ratjen shared DIY tips for throughout your home. He goes over how to install weather stripping to improve energy efficiency, reinstall a door look to make it much harder for thieves to get into your home, annually treat surface mold, patch drywall and fix a garbage disposal. Those less handy might not know that their disposal has a reset button on the bottom and that the mystery key found under the sink actually works to help clear it. Learn more in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPT_Zs2GSLI