Kitchen Countertops: Choosing from Granite, Tile, Laminates and More

Kitchen countertops are one of the most used aspects of the kitchen.

We use them to hold our small appliances like the ever-important coffeemaker and toaster oven. We use them to help prepare our meals, make baked goodies and breads, and chop vegetables.

And in some households, kitchen countertops are the perfect casual sitting space!

If you're looking to give your kitchen a whole look, you may want to consider redesigning your kitchen countertops.

We'll be honest, choosing new kitchen countertops is a relatively big decision for your home. It's usually a long-term decision so you'll what to choose wisely for the best option for your home and wallet.

So, what are your choices?

  • Stainless Steel Countertops: choosing a stainless steel countertop option will give your kitchen a more high-end look. Most professional kitchens, like in restaurants, have stainless steel countertops.
  • Glass Countertops: glass countertops are incredibly versatile and create a clean, elegant looking kitchen.
  • Concrete Countertops: one of the more durable options, concrete countertops are tough and can also be versatile in terms of color and incorporating other elements like tile and glass.
  • Wood Countertops: a "butcher-block" look creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen. When sealed correctly, you can chop vegetables, meats and other foods without worrying about contamination deep in the wood's grain.
  • Tile Countertops: There are many options for tile countertops including Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, and Glass tile. Tile is relatively inexpensive and can give your kitchen a unique look that's all your own.
  • Marble Countertops: one of the more expensive options, marble gives your kitchen an elegant look and helps hides wear and tear over time.
  • Recycled Material Countertops: for a more environmentally friendly option, recycled countertops come in a variety of selections like glass, plastic, concrete, and paper.

When installing new kitchen countertops, you may want to consider a professional handyman. He or she can help with all aspects of the project including helping you choose the best kitchen countertop option for your budget and home.

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