Energy Efficient Home | Save on Heating, Cooling, Lighting & More

Energy Efficient Home | Save on Heating, Cooling, Lighting & More


Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Lighting: LED vs CFL

Learn the pros and cons of LEDs, CFLs, and conventional incandescent light bulbs in order to make the best decisions for your home and wallet.

Replace Windows for Maximum Energy Efficient ROI

Windows can drain your wallet if they're not energy efficient. Up to 25% of heat can be lost through windows so consider energy efficient replacement and other money saving options.

5 Inexpensive Home Improvements to Save Energy

Try these five simple, inexpensive energy-efficient home improvements to save energy, reduce energy bills, and increase the size of your wallet.

Create an Energy Efficient Home | Kill A Watt

Invest in a Kill-A-Watt or similar device to accurately measure the electricity use of the appliances in your home. Once you know how much energy a particular appliance uses, you can compare it to other models to see if you should upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit.

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

To help quell high energy bills and make your house more green, we handcrafted this "Top 5″ list of the most energy efficient tips for your home.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency by Weatherstripping Doors

A 1/8 inch gap under your door can lead to the same heat loss-and the same higher energy bills you'd get if a 3 inch hole was drilled into the side of your home.

Increase Home Energy Efficiency During Summer Months

Weatherization and proper home maintenance is the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency, reduce your power bills and prevent damage to your home during hot summer months.

Cooling and Energy Saving Tips From Mr. Handyman of West Los Angeles

Mr. Handyman continues to help people from coast to coast stay cool during the summer with expert tips on lowering cooling and heating costs.