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Save Energy with 5 Inexpensive Home Improvements

energy efficient lighting Fix that leaky faucet!

Most of our home energy can be modified with inexpensive improvements around the house. These home improvements can save energy, reduce energy bills and increase the size of your wallet. Try these five simple energy-efficient tips to get started today!

  • Fix a leaky faucet - Fixing a single plumbing leak in your kitchen or bathroom can save 212 gallons of water a month. There are many different types and styles of faucets that are attractive and inexpensive. Before purchasing a replacement faucet, make sure to take the proper measurements for the faucet - center to center. To avoid mistakes in purchasing the wrong size or style faucet, take the old fixture with you to the store.
  • Replace your current shower heads with low-flow heads - A low-flow shower head can save you between 10% to 16% of your water heating costs and reduce your water usage by 20,000 gallons per year. There are thousands of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. The hardest part of this project will be choosing the one that works for you!
  • Replace your current light bulbs - An energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb lasts 8 to 12 times longer than an average incandescent bulb and can save you $30 over its lifespan. Simply replacing five light bulbs around the house could save you 50% of your annual lighting bill and will take less than 10 minutes.
  • Install a hot water heater timer - Installing a timer on your water heater will allow your hot water to turn off at night when it is not being used and turn back on during peak usage times. This fairly simple task is inexpensive and will pay for itself in approximately a year.
  • Install ceiling fans - An easy to install ceiling fan can work to circulate warm air from the ceiling back down to the floor to save on heating costs. A ceiling fan can also cut down on air conditioning costs by up to 40% in the summer. In most homes the ceiling fan is located in the middle of the room and can provide smooth air flow to make a difference in your homes climate.

With the cost of energy usage going up every year, any tips to help lower that cost can save you time and money in the long run.

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