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Flower Boxes | The Most Unique and Creative Outdoor Flower Boxes

Photo Credit: Mike Pembroke and Vicky Davison, co-owners of Mr. Handyman of Sandy and Draper

Your options for outdoor flower boxes are seemingly endless at home improvement and garden supply stores, and you can find plenty of DIY instructions online. Custom flower boxes also are an option. Your professional handyman can create a unique structure that fits into a pre-existing architectural feature or that fills a space you have no use for other than to please the senses with beautiful plants. You also can repurpose a variety of items into creative outdoor flower boxes.

Custom Flower Boxes in Entryways

Many architectural styles feature recessed areas that serve as the perfect place for a flower box. For example, a Spanish-style home may have an arched recess in the entryway that would frame a custom structure nicely. The standard flower boxes found in stores won't work, as they are too deep to fit inside. A custom container could hold a row of desert cacti or a plant that will creep out and over its edges. Our handyman offer expert carpentry services and can build custom flower boxes of almost any type.

Custom Flower Boxes on Patios and Decks

You also can have custom flower boxes installed on patios and decks to add visual interest to otherwise boring structural features. For example, this flower box surrounding a post not only provides an excellent way to add a pop of color and greenery to a patio, but it also protects the post by keeping lawnmowers and the like from getting bumping into this important structural element of your home.

Types of Materials for Custom Flower Boxes

When sketching ideas for flower boxes, consider all of the materials available and discuss them with your professional handyman.

For example, traditional wood works well for the flower box surrounding the post above, but if you have larger structure in mind you might want to consider more permanent brick or concrete block. Either could complement the exterior material of your home, in a sense extending your home to include outdoor spaces with plants and flowers. Don't forget to include ledges and spots for potted plants and the occasional garden gnome. You could even build a water feature into a larger structure if you like.

Repurposing Items as Flower Boxes

Another option for creating custom flower boxes involves using repurposed materials. A variety of items have been spotted in use as containers on the pages of magazines and in design blogs. Consider these ideas:

Wooden crates - Crates that once held glass soda bottles or produce typically advertise as such on the outside. The old-fashioned logos add to the vintage appeal, with many featuring faded but still visible wording and colors.

Wooden furniture - Chairs, dressers and even the drawers from the dresser alone can become fun flower boxes. You can leave the finish as is or ask your professional handyman to give the repurposed item a new look before it assumes the new role. Also consider swapping out boring hardware for more statement pieces that will stand up to the elements outdoors.

Bathtubs - If you traded in your old claw-foot tub for a modern model with whirlpool jets, place it in the backyard and use it as a larger-than-usual flower box. It already has a built-in drain, after all.

Other unexpected flower boxes - Only your imagination and the durability of an item limit what you can repurpose to hold plants. Crocs, those unique plastic shoes, steel buckets, teapots, tin cans and even guitars have been seen as repurposed flower boxes.

No matter where your creativity leads you, don't hesitate to ask your professional handyman for help with larger construction projects. That way, you know the custom flower boxes will be built to last.