Infographic on pool safety

Make a Splash with Pool Safety | Pool Safety Tips

Swimming might be the most iconic summer activity. Swimming pools are a great entertaining feature and can sometimes seem like the only way to keep cool during the dog days of summer. As fun as these giant bathtubs can be, 390 pool and spa-related drownings occur each year for children younger than 15. In order to keep your wet and wild party going, make sure to take appropriate safety precautions when playing in the pool...


1) Teach children basic water safety tips, and keep them away from pool drains, pipes and other openings. 2) Make sure to keep lifesaving equipment on hand such as life rings and a reaching pole. 3) Stay close, be alert, and watch your children in and around the pool. Make sure you never leave children unattended in a pool or spa. 4) Install fencing around your pool with a lock to keep small children and pets from having an accident. Also, utilize a safety cover for when it's not in use and install drain covers to avoid entrapment. Pool Safely recommends that all pool owners become CPR certified. This will prepare any homeowners for an emergency situation. Although pools can be a fun and exciting summer activity, do not overlook the dangers that come with owning a pool. Follow our safety tips and you will have confidence in the safety of you and your family next time you're poolside. (Source: information compiled by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission's Pool Safety campaign.)