Infographic about safe fire pits

Stay Safe at the Fire Pit | Fire Pit Safety Tips

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects , fire pits are the #1 requested backyard design feature today. Fire pits, or outdoor fireplaces, let you stay warm during those cool summer nights and let you cook s'mores with the kids without driving to the nearest national park. Although fire pits are great for outdoor entertaining and fun for all, there are important fire pit safety tips every fire pit owner should know. If you have a fire pit or are thinking about building a fire pit of your own, here are some things to consider.


1) Contact your local fire department or municipality to determine if there are any laws against having a fire pit in your backyard. Some counties and cities have laws that prohibit open flames in backyards. 2) Do not ignite fires with chemicals such as gasoline, lighter fluid, or alcohol. The majority of fire pit accidents occur because of how the fire is built. 3) Make sure your fire pit is a minimum distance of ten feet away from your house, and three feet from any outdoor furniture. 4) Save two gallons or more of water to be used for putting out your fire. If you don't have water, shovel dirt onto the fire to stifle it. Slowly mix the dirt with the embers to make sure it's cool before leaving. Fire pits are a wonderful addition to a backyard purposed for entertaining. Don't let the dangers of fire pits discourage you from creating your outdoor oasis, but keep in mind the safety precautions that, if taken, will ensure the full enjoyment of your new outdoor oasis.