Window Treatment Ideas for the Kitchen | Curtains, Drapes and more!

Window treatments in the kitchen are an expression of creativity as well as a tool of function. The options for window coverings are endless, sometimes making this simple task feel overwhelming and painstaking. However, when you keep our guidelines in mind, your kitchen transformation will become a fun, enjoyable project.

The first step is to decide what the purpose or function of your window treatments is. Is your decision to add window coverings purely aesthetic? If this is the case, feel free to go wild and have fun with it! Window treatments in the kitchen bring a source of individuality and softness to a room full of purely functional items. Don't be afraid to use bold, vibrant patterns.

Are your window coverings for the purpose of creating more privacy in your family dining space? Shutters are a great option that delivers privacy as well as sun protection. They are also a practical option for the kitchen as they are easy to clean. But keep in mind that shutters need adequate space to open in contrast with traditional blinds.

In regards to choosing curtains, first decide the aesthetic look you want for your coverings. If you want to camouflage the shape of your window, try hanging curtains outside the frame of the window with a valence overhead. For a clean, sleek look try featuring your window with curtains inside a window.

If your main objective is functionality, blinds are the way to go. Blinds are the most functional type of window treatments because they give sun protection, privacy and require little maintenance and cleaning. The downside to blinds is that they lack unique aesthetic value and original creativity. If you have intense sunlight coming through, try blackout shades. Blackout shades are lined with mylar, a fabric that blocks visible light and UV rays.

Follow our window treatment guidelines and suddenly your kitchen project won't seem like much of a project at all!