When it comes to improvements, do you focus more on the interior of your home than the exterior? It's natural to do so. After all, you spend more time indoors than out. It may mean, though, that your exterior needs a bit of attention. Check out these recently published posts that outline tasks you can take on as DIY projects or assign to your professional handyman.

Pool Safety: Fences and Enclosures Secure Your Pool & Protect Kids

This qualifies as more of a safety improvement than one that addresses aesthetics or comfort. This post gives you the guidelines for a pool fence and goes through the many different kinds of materials, colors and designs. It also explains the options for pool enclosures, which can feature plexiglass or glass and can come in retractable and nonretractable designs. In addition to securing a pool so children and pets cannot access it unsupervised, an enclosure can allow for year-round swimming. Learn more in Pool Safety.

Installing a Mailbox and Post: Should I Do It Myself?

Consider yourself fortunate if you still have a mailbox. Newer housing developments typically have cluster mailboxes scattered throughout, taking away your ability to be creative with this particular exterior aspect of your home. This post takes you through the different types of mailboxes, including wood, PVC and plastic, and offers a step-by-step guide to installation. Read Installing a Mailbox.

Trash Enclosures: How to Build Your Own Trash Enclosure & Free Plans

In many areas of the country, a trash enclosure not only keeps garbage out of sight, it keeps critters both small and large from being attracted to your home. This post gives you a materials shopping list and also points you toward free, downloadable plans for building such an enclosure. Depending on the complexity, this may be a DIY exterior project or require the carpentry expertise of your professional handyman. Learn more in Trash Enclosures.

How to Build a Window Flower Box

Window boxes add color to the exterior of your home. They also make a convenient place to grow herbs if placed just outside a kitchen window. Learn how to build a window flower box from scratch with this post. It guides you from deciding on the right size box through it with dirt and plants. Read Window Flower Box.

Outdoor Fireplaces | Warm Up Your Deck or Patio with a Gas Fireplace

Whether you want warmth during your nighttime cocktail hour or simply like to roast marshmallows over an open flame, an outdoor fireplace suits most home exteriors. You can opt for a portable fire pit that only requires you to pull it out of the box, or your professional handyman can install a permanent fireplace. This post introduces your many options and tackles the age-old debate: gas vs. wood. Read Outdoor Fireplaces.

Fence Repair: Troubeshooting the Most Common Fence Issues

While some require more than others - we're looking at you, wood - all fences need repair from time to time. Rot can set in, posts can get knocked off, and the weather can cause many different types of fences to lean in places or fall over altogether. This post presents ways to fix the most common issues. Learn more in Fence Repair.

Our Mr. Handyman writers regularly tackle exterior home issues such as these. If you don't see a topic you want to learn more about above, use the handy search on our blog to find more information. And, as always, we are more than happy to consult on an exterior home improvement project or take it over completely so you can spend your precious free time with family and friends.