Bathroom with walk-in shower

Bathroom Shower Ideas for Tile, Doors and Fixtures

A makeover of your bathroom need not require a full remodel. You can change the parts you don't like and keep the ones you do. If you like your cabinetry and flooring, for example, but would prefer different shower tile, a new shower door or updated fixtures, check out these ideas for each.

Shower Tile

When choosing new shower tile , keep material, color and pattern in mind. Ceramic and glass prove the most popular, and each offers a variety of colors, shapes and sizes from which to choose.

Large square ceramic tiles of all the same size, shown here with the exception of the border, make for the easiest install and suit a home with traditional design and décor.

Smaller tiles and more intricate patterns, such as this example with broken shards making up the design, tend to require more labor and attention to detail, but complement a modern or contemporary home well. Rolls of smaller shower tile can help keep those labor costs within reach, though.

Glass tiles continue to grow in popularity thanks to improved methods for cutting and installation that make them more affordable. They work well in a bathroom setting and can make for a stunning look in homes of a variety of designs and décor.

Shower Doors

If a new shower door tops your list of bathroom wants, multiple options exist. You will need to first match the design to your existing setup - for example, if you have a shower/bathtub combo, an alcove standalone shower or a corner standalone shower.

For the shower/bathtub combo, you can get new sliding doors. They typically feature two or three panels that slide along top and bottom tracks. Standalone showers, whether in an alcove or corner, use doors that open on a hinge. They can open to the left or right, depending on the setup of the bathroom and your preference. You can choose to frame these doors or opt for a frameless setup. The frameless option allows for easier cleaning but also costs more for the door itself and installation because hinges attach to the glass and surrounding tile.

Shower Fixtures

Changing the fixtures in your shower, along with hardware on the cabinetry and doors, allows you to have a big impact without much investment of time or money. Fixtures come in a seemingly endless number of styles and finishes.

You can change out the entire fixture for a permanent, one-piece solution such as the one in this example. Such sleekness suits modern and contemporary homes. If you simply wish to upgrade your showerhead, rain faucets are an excellent option, as they creating a soft, calming experience in the shower and can help you save money on water bills. You can even get an LED rain showerhead that creates a rainbow in your shower, such as shown in this example.

More Ideas for Updating Your Bathroom

As part of your makeover, add organizers to your shower to keep it looking tidy. A jumble of products in the shower will detract from any improvements you make. Shower caddies are an excellent option for this. The best kinds hang over the showerhead or stand tall in a corner. These don't require suction cups that fail at the worst of times, such as when you have shampoo dripping into your eyes.

Also consider improving the lighting in your bathroom as part of a partial remodel process. This can involve installing new lighting fixtures or simply changing your shower curtain for one that lets in more light. Or you can simply purchase brighter bulbs with which to view your new bathroom!

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